AR, the 8th Mass Medium (Augmented Reality)

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the annual video game conference, is held at the Los Angeles Convention center from June 5th to 7th.  Augmented Reality (AR) is a hot topic with many game developers making use of its technology. Sony has unveiled its new Wonderbook which is designed to work with Sony’s Playstation 3 console. Using AR and a camera connected to a PS3 console, the Wonderbook brings books to life on a TV screen with interactive graphics. This brings “reading” into a whole different world! For the same reason, AR has already started to serve as a viable platform for book publishing.

In the mobile apps world, Wikitude AR Window allows web developers to access the camera on a smartphone or tablet and display a live view from it, complete with real-time overlays of relevant information, something that previously would have required a separate app download. This is significant because developers may not have to write an app for each platform any longer.

Layar, one of the biggest players in AR systems for Smartphone, just released Layar Creator, a self-service web application for activating print pages with digital content. Using your mobile phone, you can upload images or PDFs, drag-and-drop any of a number of digital buttons onto the pages, and publish them on the Layar platform. When readers view activated pages with the Layar app, these buttons appear on top of the page and becomes a point-of-sale. 

Last month, Google publicly acknowledged its augmented reality glasses project and started to release the prototype, a wearable device that can overlay digital information on top of a real-world view on trial. Although they are not for sale yet, there are many other AR apps to show how the technology could be applied.  


Tomi Ahonen said “Ok. Am willing to call it: AR is the 8th mass medium”. What is your thought about it?


by Administrator
on ‎06.06.2012 10:02 PM

Identitymine listed 5 Argument Reality Apps Worth Seeing; four IOS ones and one Windows one.

Want to develop AR apps with the Windows phone? Sign up our webcast “Programming Augmented Reality with Windows Phone” on June 14th at 10am PT.

by Reddog
on ‎06.09.2012 07:06 AM

Thanks for the excellent post.  It is amazing what AR can achieve.

by Administrator
on ‎06.09.2012 01:02 PM

Yes. Augmented Reality is quite fascinating. This article says “QR codes and augmented reality expected to compete in the future”.  I think NFC will become part of the competition.


Nokia launched City Lens Augmented Reality services for Lumia 900, 800 and 710. The most recent update on 900 will make app developers happier.


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on ‎06.20.2012 09:59 AM

If you missed AR webcast, here is the recording.

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