AT&T Water Conservation Challenge @ TechCrunch 2013 Disrupt Hackathon

Are you passionate about doing good for society and helping others with your technical skills? This week, the AT&T Developer Program, AT&T Sustainability and Environmental Defense Fund are issuing a challenge to developers participating in TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 to build an open sourced app that helps drive water efficiency for buildings.


The challenge is straight forward: build an app that grades the water efficiency of a building and creates competition to improve it. On a high level, the app has three sections: Building scorecard, leaderboard, and water efficiency feedback. The specs can be found here: and representatives from AT&T as well as Environmental Defense Fund will be available at TechCrunch Disrupt to answer questions.


What are the prizes for competing in this challenge? For the most creative as well as comprehensive app, we have a $5k grand prize, followed by a $2k 'most creative' prize.


Finally, if you need team members, check here and if you need to get in free to the hackathon, RSVP HERE


Good luck and see you in NYC @ Disrupt 2013!!

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