Register today to join the AT&T Developer Program and Microsoft for this free webcast to learn how you can do cross-platform HTML5 based development targeting Windows Phone. HTML5 and Javascript are more and more used by developers who need and want to target multiple mobile platforms with a common code base. Open source framework such as Apache Cordova (previously known as PhoneGap) and jQueryMobile are fully supported on Windows Phone and this session will show you how to use the Cordova tools along with the recently released Metro theme for jQueryMobile to integrate your application into the Windows phone experience.


All attendees can enter to win an AT&T Windows Phone Smartphone. Winner will be notified via email after the Webcast.

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Please Note: Registrations must be submitted at least 1 HOUR prior to scheduled event start time in order to be considered for approval.


When: Thursday, May 24th, 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time



Webcast: Optimized Mobile JavaScript Libraries


Register today for this free webcast on Thursday, April 26th about how optimized mobile JavaScript libraries give your HTML5 hybrid apps native performance, across platforms and enter to win an AT&T Smartphone!


Join us for this free webcast to learn how to get results for your hybrid application fast using the jqMobi framework. We will discuss how you can benefit from a small, lightweight JavaScript framework, and explore the jqMobi selector tools, the jqMobi User Interface, and the plug-ins available to extend the jqMobi framework.


All actual attendees can enter to win an AT&T Smartphone. The winner will be notified via email after the Webcast.


When: Thursday, April 26, 10:00—11:00 AM Pacific Time


Many are touting the mobile web as the future of the mobile app with the advent of HTML5 and the standardization of APIs that will allow us to touch mobile phone specific components like camera, location, and accelerometer. Today, I will give a brief overview of two mobile javascript frameworks that can enable you to create native looking and feeling apps that will run across many platforms: jQuery Mobile & DHTMLX Touch.


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